Hi, I am Dr. Steve Daviss, and I’m running for DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEE. This role helps to support elected Democratic officials in serving the residents of their district.

As a medical doctor, I have spent the past 20 years serving my patients and advocating for them in front of the state legislature. I've served on numerous committees, work groups, and boards, helping to improve access to quality medical treatment and make positive changes for the patient community.

Now I need your help to help make positive changes here in the 45th District community. 

I’m here to listen to your voice and your issues and to advocate for your needs.
We need elected leaders with experience.
People we can trust.
People who care.

On June 24, seven people will be elected for Democratic Central Committee. Please be sure one of them is Steve Daviss by voting for me.  You can also vote early from June 12 to 19. 

      Thank you!