Mental Health Parity and the ACA: WYPR's Midday with Dan Rodricks with Guest Mark Komrad MD

This radio show (March 27, 2014) was a very clear description of how the ACA ("Obamacare") ends the long-time insurance discrimination against people with brain disorders, including those with mental health and substance use disorders. I urge you to listen to Dr. Komrad's story about how the government began this discrimination in the 1960's, how the other insurance companies piled on to this sanctioned discrimination, and how Congress agreed with ending it in 2008, with the final teeth to the law added by Congress in the Accountable Care Act.

Healthy Communities

Let me say this right up front... I'm a physician, I'm not a politician.

I have been advocating for my patients for 20 years. I listen to them, listen to what their needs are. I talk to them about what I think might help. Then we work together to come up with a plan. We work together to improve their health and well-being. Sometimes that means going to bat for them for their insurance companies... for their employers... for the state or federal legislature. I think working for the Central Committee over the next four years will be very similar...

  • listen
  • talk
  • plan
  • work together
  • advocate

In fact, I've been involved in physician-led legislative committees since 1994, either as chair or as member. I've been involved in numerous committees, task forces, and work groups. I recently came off of the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy & Therapeutics Advisory Committee after about six years, where I was an outspoken advocate for patients, maintaining meaningful benefits for critical medications. I've served on a number of DHMH Work Groups, including those working on behavioral health integration, substance abuse, health benefit exchanges, and health information technology. I am currently on the Maryland Health Care Commission's Health Information Exchange Policy Board, helping to develop policies that CRISP and other state HIEs must follow to have a secure, confidential, and patient-centered HIE that serves as the hub for your medical information. I continue to fight for full patient access to their personal health information via the HIE, with the ability to control what information is shared with whom. (See SAMHSA's DS4P (Digital Segmentation for Privacy) and C2S (Consent to Share) programs to learn more.)

I grew up in Hamilton, and moved back to the area in 2010. I've been listening to people in the community, and I am hearing many voices.

I am hearing a desire for change.
I am hearing a desire for action.
I am hearing a desire to get involved.

That's why I am running for Central Committee in the 45th District. To help make our communities healthier. Community health mean jobs. Community health means safety. Community health means economic stability.

I need your help to get elected. Our campaign just got kicked off, and we have lots to do. What can you do?

  • Learn about our campaign. Read our facebook page and Like it. Read my tweets and follow me.
  • Invite me to talk to your group so that I can learn your concerns and your hopes.
  • Call me to talk one-on-one. Or email. Or tweet. Or comment below.
  • Volunteer to knock on doors with us and spread the word. 
  • Donate to the campaign. 
  • VOTE on Tuesday June 24.

That last one is most important. Nothing changes if you don't cast your vote. Every voice matters. The difference between electing me or someone else is likely to come down to only one or two hundred votes. In 2010, only 15% of registered Democrats voted in the primary election. Only half of these voted for ANY Central Committee candidate.

Let's make a change this year. Shake things up. And VOTE on June 24. Early voting begins June 12.

Thank you.

=Steve Daviss MD